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At Door Closers Call Center, we are your business partners. We know what it takes to succeed in real estate, and we can help you drive your business to new heights.

We start by understanding your business goals and then tailor our services to help you achieve them.



We have experts in data and market analysis who can help you identify the best markets to wholesale in. We can also find distressed sellers and contact them on your behalf. We will provide you with high quality leads making 100+ connects a day, so you can source and close deals more quickly.

Fix & Flipper/Investor

We can help you target the right zip codes in your local market based on appreciation, cash flow, MLS analysis, and real estate 4 cycles. We are the right ones to get you those off-market deals leaving the spread for your profit! Our data, agents and processes 100% will lead you to success once we build you a decent pipeline.


We can help you get more listings on the market or schedule more listing appointments. We have high-converting scripts that will help you reach out to potential sellers and build a pipeline of listings.

Loan Officer/Mortgage/Broker/

Refinancing Company

We can help you qualify leads and identify the best borrowers for your products. We can also help you close loans more quickly and efficiently with our leads.

We won’t just help you grow your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you.

How It Works

Addressing Your Strategy


whether you are a wholesaler, fix & flipper or real estate investor our services are designed to customize the leads based on your approach, we will address your goals and strategies, if you are not sure about what market you are going to target we are going to perform detailed market analysis to make the data-driven choice!

Pulling Your List


Our data experts can help you pull your lists from any data platform with the most efficient lists and filters that have proven track of record, no more spraying and praying. We make sure that each pulled property is a chance that we want to reach out to.

Calling Your Leads


Our Highly trained cold caller will get to dial these lists 6 hours daily to generate as much qualified leads for your business so we can keep you busy closing more deals, 100+ actual connects will be made on a daily basis

Creating Your Pipeline


Through these daily connects we will filter the good opportunities for you, getting you the hot and qualified leads into your CRM so you can start following up and closing more deals!

Already There ?

Time To Expand Your Team

Get more done with less time. Expand your team of Virtual Assistants with training material to create your autopilot team. Delegate and automate your process to focus on growing your business.

How We Can Make It bigger?

Get your recurring tasks done faster and more efficiently by hiring the right team. Our team is equipped with proven high conversion lead generation and multi-calling related experiences that will have you receive a full pipeline without having to go through the hassle of operating them.

Increasing your Leads Volume

closing within the first 10 Leads, closing within the very first Lead, it’s always a number game, consistency is our playmaker. Our callers deliver a daily session of 6 hours of calls in order to have an average of 100+ connects, getting straight to an average of 1-3 leads straight to your pipeline

Expanding Your Team

Growing your business is essential. Having a hand-selected team that can help you achieve your goals is what gets the job done. We provide outsourcing for self-managed teams that can help you reach your desired potential.


Are You Ready To Take The World With Us

Market Analysis

our market analysis will help you define the best markets and zip codes nationwide you can target based on very accurate data, trend, cash flow, MLS analysis and cash transactions activities

Skip tracing

Our in-house skip tracing service generates accurate data at competitive rates to get the accurate phone numbers not to waste any opportunity.

Data Pulling

our data pulling strategies are very advanced, we can target certain zip codes or a specific geographical area you want. On top of that we pick the effective set of motivations that will generate the most amount of qualified leads, platforms we pull the data from are trusted and accurate whether it’s going to be prop stream, batch leads, property radar ,etc..

Virtual Assistant Services

Efficiency at your fingertips – from back-office support to

calendar management, payrolls, and operations oversight, our virtual assistants are ready to elevate your workflow. All at an affordable $7 per hour.

Customer Support

We believe in delivering not just customer support but an experience that builds lasting relationships. Access professional assistance at an unbeatable rate of $7 per hour.

Outsourcing Solutions

Tailored to your unique quantity requirements because your business is as unique as you are.

Telemarketing and Sales

Unleash industry-agnostic expertise to drive your sales and telemarketing efforts for just $7 per hour.

SMS Marketing

Craft targeted messaging strategies that resonate with your audience, all at an accessible $7 per hour.

Appointment Setting

Efficient scheduling that respects your time and maximizes opportunities, priced at $7 per hour.

Acquisitions Closing

Let our expert negotiators secure your deals at an exceptional rate of $8 per hour.

Complimentary Services

Enjoy complimentary data pulling with every service, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your needs.

Additional Services

- Skip tracing: $0.09 per contact

- Website Creation (Project-based)

- Marketing Campaigns Management (PPC) (Project-based)

- Graphic Design (Project-based)

- Video Editing (Project-based)

- AI-Powered Lead Funnels Automations (Beta)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-Door Closers

How many hours we dial per seat?

6 hours with 100+ connects

FAQ image

What are you getting in return?

Off-market Leads25+ Monthly Off-market Leads of motivated sellers[Might vary based on the Area we are targeting]

FAQ image

What's the variance?

i.e. : Within a highly booming market we could be at 35+ Leads/mo.Within a tough market we will be at ~20 Leads/mo

FAQ image

How to track the KPIs?

You will receive an End of day report with number of calls/connects and leads you get.

FAQ image

How we validate a lead?

Once you join you are going to fill a form that will help us validate the lead based on your criteria. Once a caller gets you a lead it’s going to be listened to by the Quality manager and it’s going to be pushed into ASANA CRM with the call recording attached.

FAQ image

Who is going to be in your team?

-Client Success manager :- responsible for your success making sure to tailor the service for you, tracking down the KPIs of the campaign and taking care of your ROI.

-Quality manager :- managing the CRM, delivering the leads and recordings.

-Data manager (plan based) :- Data expert taking care of your data, making sure that you are on track in terms of data provided, Managing/pulling lists.

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